Robots decide: Apple or poison?


RobotsSwiss researchers recently demonstrated robots that artificially evolve ways to communicate with one another. In their experiments, the robots were set loose in an area containing two types of objects – one classified as “food” and another designated “poison.” The “poison” object was marked with a skull and crossbones, a common designation that has existed since the 19th century. But the “food” object was marked with the logo of Apple Inc.

If you watch the video of the robots in action, you’ll see them flash their lights and eventually swarm the Apple “food,” kind of like attendees at Macworld Expo learning about an impending raffle drawing.

Perhaps this is just the beginning of using the Apple logo to designate “food.” Maybe a century from now mall directories and other maps that use bathroom and telephone symbols will use the Apple logo to show you where the food court is located. Or maybe the robots will have taken us over by then.

For more about the evolving robots, read the full story at: Robot swarms ‘evolve’ effective communication

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i think should use mcdonald logo as food and apple as poison … since so many people have been poisoned by apple ipod and the coming iphone …

cheers …


Hey if you can get paid to do this sort of thing as your day job, don’t knock it! :-)

Martin Hauser

Nice, very nice. Guess it’s quite a lot of fun to develop those and having a small bit of past expierience with such things, i guess tracking the lights is not that difficult, still very impressive.



What do you mean?

Apple good. Death bad.

That pretty much sums up my cognitive abilities.

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