Oh, Canada: YouTube Dirty Tricks?


BoingBoing yesterday featured a clip mocking a Canadian politician known for pushing tougher copyright law and receiving generous contributions from the entertainment industry, Bev Oda. The clip reworks the Durham MP’s name into the Kinks classic ‘Lola,’ and highlights reports that she spent taxpayer dollars on a fleet of fancy cars to ferry her staff around Halifax, Nova Scotia for the Juno awards. Because nothing says you’ve hit the big time like tooling around Halifax in a limo.

The video, while it has ‘Movie Maker blue’ titling and is really just a slide show with musical accompaniment, may not have been produced by the everyday heartbroken Canadian taxpayer you might think. The user’s only other clip is a campaign spot for a candidate in the Liberal Party, rivals of Oda’s Conservative Party, and reporters were tipped by a Liberal candidate who lost to Oda in the previous parliamentary election according to the Uxbridge Times-Journal. Though if this is a case of negative campaigning and not just the work of a cheeky blogger, man, they really are more polite in Canada.

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