Google Calendar Sync options for Windows and Mac


Spanning_syncI received a note this morning from Jose over in Europe; he runs the popular palmInsider site and is a fellow Samsung Q1 owner as well as a frequent commenter here. Like many mobile users, he was looking for ways to synch his handheld with his Google Calendar. Jose uses a Palm Treo 750 and really doesn’t want to use any cables; I don’t blame him: I use the wireless connectivity in my Dash and XV 6700 to synch with an Exchange server.

Jose pointed out one application we’ve already mentioned, but another solution we haven’t. We covered OggSync for Windows users earlier this year: it’s a free solution but Windows only. Jose also needs to keep his iCal in synch with everything, so he pointed out Spanning Sync for Mac users. It’s in public beta right now, so if you need a Mac solution, it might be worth checking. I watched the short demo video and was very impressed by the simplicity of the solution as well as the control over the synching schedule; like OggSync, this is a two-way solution. Thanks Jose!



I’m getting the trio750 shipped and think I’ve made a terrible mistake. I am a dedicated Macintosh gal and realize that this won’t be compatible – ANYBODY with a simple solution that won’t break the already sparce wallet? Being a student I thought this would streamline my schedule, documents and reports – DID I MESS UP?!?!?
Please help It arrives tomorrow!


Hi Guys,

Just a quick remimder to your readers that is another such free sync service for Google Calendar, it’s also compatible with Google Apps standard and premier editions.

Chris (GooSync)

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