Quicksilver Screencast: Arrowing


Apologies for a rather quick and dirty screencast this week. I’m headed out of town and wanted to make sure to get something out. So today’s is a quickie, but something you can easily build on to become more efficient with Quicksilver.

Watch the screencast, and you’ll get a feel for using the right (and left) arrow keys to drill down into applications for quicker access to data. In the demo you’ll see that I only used iTunes as an example. I tried running the screencast by demoing the likes of Address Book, Transmit, and so on, but found that more information was made visible than I cared to show – and I don’t have the time to fuzz it all out. So that just means you get to play on your own with this little gem of a tip.

The Arrow Screencast is 14mb

In upcoming weeks, I’ll be addressing the email functions of Quicksilver, as well as redoing the Setup screencast. The last time I did The Setup, it was the older interface, and enough has since changed that I feel it’ll be of use to many of the new Quicksilver users out there. So keep the dials tuned here for those in the near future.



How did you make your QS appear like that. Mine seems barebones. Are there QS “skins” or graphic plug-ins?


Thanks for that cool tip.

Love your wallpaper!

Where ever did you find it?

Howard Melman

One of my favorites is right-arrowing from a song in iTunes. Even though there isn’t an arrow, you can browse other songs by that artist, on that album, in the genre, etc.

You can right-arrow into a (plain) text file and see each of the lines. Great for a todo list when combined with the Text Manipulation plugin (append text, etc.)

In the Command prefs you can check Show children split view to have a 2nd column in the results list so you can see the what you’d right-arrow into. After setting the option you need to drag the right edge of the results list to the left to reveal the window, then it will remember.

If you redo the setup screencast, don’t encourage people to install every plugin. some are destablizing and you don’t want a new user to have an unhappy experience. Also, it wasn’t obvious to me that the recommended plugins are recommended for you after a scan of your system to see what apps are installed.


my quicksilver has no arrows near iTunes, Safari and so on..

How to enable the arrow feature?

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