Quicksilver Screencast: Arrowing

Apologies for a rather quick and dirty screencast this week. I’m headed out of town and wanted to make sure to get something out. So today’s is a quickie, but something you can easily build on to become more efficient with Quicksilver.

Watch the screencast, and you’ll get a feel for using the right (and left) arrow keys to drill down into applications for quicker access to data. In the demo you’ll see that I only used iTunes as an example. I tried running the screencast by demoing the likes of Address Book, Transmit, and so on, but found that more information was made visible than I cared to show – and I don’t have the time to fuzz it all out. So that just means you get to play on your own with this little gem of a tip.

The Arrow Screencast is 14mb

In upcoming weeks, I’ll be addressing the email functions of Quicksilver, as well as redoing the Setup screencast. The last time I did The Setup, it was the older interface, and enough has since changed that I feel it’ll be of use to many of the new Quicksilver users out there. So keep the dials tuned here for those in the near future.


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