Macs or PCs for Business?

Recently LifeHacker posed the question to readers, Mac or PC for Business? It’s been a somewhat common theme in recent months as Apple gains more and more momentum. Execs are being seen (and heard-of) toting MacBook Pro laptops around, in meetings, etc. It surely seems like a wave that everyone’s catching these days. So what do real people think?

LifeHacker’s poll show’s a whopping 61% would choose a Mac over a similar Windows-based PC. The availability of Parallels for running Windows, or the option of booting to it through BootCamp make the Apple an ideal machine to fit all needs, and businesses are beginning to see that it seems. NetworkWold takes a look at this scenario as well, if you’re looking for some additional reading on the topic.

I use my MacBook more and more for the work that I do. I’m slowly finding the little things that allow me to fully operate in OS X to accomplish all my work tasks, and it’s fantastic. As is common, I receive a decent amount of ribbing about my Mac at work, but it almost always gives way to a conversation about how cool it is, and “it can really do that?” The tides are definitely changing.


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