Introducing the GigaGamez Stock Tracker

Since GigaGamez is all about the business of games, it just makes sense that we would want to take a look at what’s happening when it comes to gaming technology in the stock market. We’re going to be following the market closely and keeping an eye on our own personal selection of key companies that drive the industry. As always, we’re open to suggestions in case any absolutely crucial players you think deserve to be in here.

Notes for the day: The Chinese market had a really poor day yesterday after a surprisingly good Monday, which shows that happens the market can sometimes correct itself. Now, when China opened, prices dropped, which made our market fluctuate as well. So today, things are starting to level off again and we’re getting back to normal growth.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)
Previous Close: 27.72
Open: 27.95
Close: 28.17
Overall: UP 0.30

Previous Close: 51.70
Open: 51.80
Close: 51.73
Overall: UP 0.03

Nintendo (OTC:NTDOY.PK)
Last traded at 33.10 on Feb. 28
Overall: DOWN 0.20

Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD)
Previous Close: 15.08
Open: 15.30
Close: 15.07
Overall: DOWN 0.01
Notes: AMD is a processor manufacturer that owns the graphics card company ATI. ATI graphics cards are in constant competition with Nvidia Corp.

Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ:NVDA)
Previous Close: 31.18
Open: 31.18
Close: 31.00
Overall: DOWN 0.18
Notes: Nvidia is a graphics card manufacturer. They are in constant competition with AMD’s ATI.

Previous Close: 22.62
Open: 23.11
Close: 23.64
Overall: UP 1.02
Notes: The reason that Shanda is listed in our stock reports is that they’re the people behind the highly popular Asian MMO Legend of MIR II, which, according to MMOG Charts, has a PCU (Peak Concurrent User) base of 1 million.

Previous Close: 20.10
Open: 20.39
Close: 20.40
Overall: UP 0.30
Notes: Netease is the company behind Fantasy Westward Journey, a popular Asian MMO, which, according to MMOG Charts, has a PCU of almost 1.3 million.

Last traded at 6.60 on Feb. 27
Overall: DOWN 0.25
Notes: GameLoft is a large producer of mobile games.

Nokia Corp. (NYSE:NOK)
Previous Close: 21.87
Open: 21.79
Close: 21.83
Overall: DOWN 0.04
Notes: Nokia, the mobile phone company, has always had a strong gaming presence. Though the original N-Gage failed, there’s a new attempt at the N-Gage technology currently being developed.

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS)
Previous Close: 50.64
Open: 50.24
Close: 50.42
Overall: DOWN 0.22
Notes: Electronic Arts is pretty self-explanatory as they’re a giant publisher. Also included with EA is their mobile games.

Previous Close: 18.25
Open: 18.30
Close: 17.80
Overall: DOWN 0.45
Notes: Take-Two is a large publisher that controls the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Recently, Take-Two has had a few problems with their executive team.

Previous Close: 32.32
Open: 32.51
Close: 32.21
Overall: DOWN 0.11
Notes: Publisher behind Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander and Titan Quest as well as a number of successful franchises. Another note about THQ, according to this report on Next Gen yesterday, THQ may be set to “take off.”
Vivendi Universal (OTC:VIVEF.PK)
Last traded at 39.25 on Feb. 28
Overall: DOWN 0.40
Notes: French publisher and owner of Sierra. Also known for mobile gaming and being the publisher behind World of Warcraft.

Last traded at 44.65 on February 27th
Overall: UP 3.20
Note: Publisher behind the Tom Clancy games and a few interesting mobile properties.

Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS)
Previous Close: 33.10
Open: 33.50
Close: 34.25
Overall: UP 1.15
Notes: Multimedia giant, Disney, has their fingers in just about every pie.

Time Warner (NYSE:TWX)
Previous Close: 20.21
Open: 20.34
Close: 20.34
Overall: UP 0.13
Notes: Time Warner’s Warner Bros. has several gaming properties and licensed materials as well as GameTap.

Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ)
Previous Close: 36.63
Open: 37.01
Close: 37.40
Overall: UP 0.77
Notes: Verizon is on the list not only as a cell phone network, but also as a gaming platform.

Viacom, Inc (NYSE:VIA)
Previous Close: 39.39
Open: 39.39
Close: 39.56
Overall: UP 0.17
Notes: Viacom is the parent company of MTV and all of the MTV properties, which includes Nickelodeon.

Quick Reference of Terms:

Over the Counter (OTC): This is a term used to notate that a stock is traded via a non-major market.

Pink Sheet (.PK): The suffix attached to a stock when it is traded on the Pink Sheets Electronic Quotation service, which is known as a OTC market.