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HP Pavilion tx1000 now available as a Tablet….or not as a Tablet

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Hp_pavilion_tx1000If you’ve been waiting for the HP Pavilion tx1000 notebook that we saw last month, the wait is over. Warner at GBM tells us that the tx1000 series is available direct from HP and has more configurations than you can shake a stylus at. In  fact, I’m wondering if I’m reading the choices correctly because if I am, there’s going to be some confused customers.

I’ll let you hit up the product page for the typical choices, i.e.: RAM, hard drive capacity, processor and more. I want to specifically point out the two display options: a WXGA BrightView Widescreen or a WXGA BrightView Widescreen with Integrated Touchscreen, which is an additional $125 option. Is this a Tablet PC or isn’t it? I’d say yes, but will consumers realize that if they don’t take the touchscreen option they’ll be missing out on the Tablet PC functions included with their pre-installed Vista operating system? Here’s the even funnier part: the base model comes with Vista Home Premium, which actually has the Tablet PC functionality. I really hope I’m reading this wrong; can someone check my eyes on this one?

6 Responses to “HP Pavilion tx1000 now available as a Tablet….or not as a Tablet”

  1. patrick

    avoid like the plague gents, i played around with one, and the digitizer is so insensitive that its only really useful for tapping on things…tried to write on the TIP, and i felt like i was creating gashes on the screen just to get a constant penstroke. even the salesman told me as such…to he was steering me towards a more expensive toshiba tablet….

  2. I believe HP is selling a configuration without a digitizer and Tablet functionality. They made no mention of a tabletless tablet when they showed it to us late last year, or again at CES. I think they be doing this so they can say the tx1000 ‘starts at only ‘$x,xxx’
    Definitely confusing and sure to cause a lot of confusion.

    Also, there’s no WWAN option as HP promised. Check out the pics in our post where an WWAN (I believe Cingular) antenna is clearly visible.

    The customization page for the tx1000 does indeed describe the $125 Touchscreen with passive digitizer as the only way to be able to input text or annotate documents.

  3. I had this same question. The following text is from the description of the non-touchscreen option:

    “HP gives mobile computing a whole new twist with this small, lightweight notebook featuring an innovative, high-definition (1) display that opens for classic notebook use, twists for presentations and folds flat for use like a slate. Bring images and movies to life with HP’s BrightView technology! BrightView technology improves the contrast and clarity of your notebook display screen. (1) High-Definition content (e.g. WMV HD files) is required to view high-definition images. Most current DVDs do not provide high-definition images.”

    If it folds flat like a slate, then it must be a Tablet PC – or the convertibility would be truly pointless. Nevertheless, I still asked for our supplier to confirm since it is definitely confusing.

  4. Nurhisham Hussein

    The first thing off the top of my head is that they’re referring to adding a passive digitiser on top of an active one – but I don’t remember reading that in any of the previews.