Don’t talk and drive


Driver on cellphoneI drive around town most days and almost every time I see a motorist do something stupid (and dangerous) I see the ever-present cell phone stuck to the side of the idiot’s head.  I wish we’d do something like the Scots who are now using speed cameras, that are used to tag speeders, to nail cell phone using drivers for the levying of fines.  It works like the cameras Houston recently mounted on traffic signals, violators receive a fine in the mail after the fact. 

“If officers using mobile cameras see someone using a hand-held phone, whether with their own eyes or through the lens of their camera, then they are fair game.”

I would SO love to see this here in Houston.

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Hmmm, so they’re using traffic cameras, now, in Houston? I guess they found a way around the Constitutional issues. My understanding was that that’s what had prevented the wide-spread use of cameras (still photo cameras, not “live” video cameras) in the US like they use in many European countries. In many cases, the use of photo cameras presumes guilt on the part of the car “owner” rather than the “driver” — not to mention the bassackwards presumption that you are guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent. Minnesota recently struck down Minneapolis’ use of red light cameras (though, they didn’t address the constitutional issue — rather, it was struck down on a jurisdictional issue):

That wasn’t too OT, was it?

Mike Cane

Look, I keep telling everyone that I Can Fix This.

But no yet will issue me the License To Kill.

I guess because they know the first to go will be the ones who *try* to walk and talk, when they can hardly manage just one act alone.

Then I’d do the drivers.


Not only have they banned the use of mobile phones (cell phones to our transatlantic friends) while driving in the UK, but there are talks in the works that even using hands free kits in cars is dangerous (this was also mentioned on MSN UK so you can search for the subject there). Of course, someone now has a vandeta against hands free kits and wants those banned now too.

I’m all for making the road a safer place but it gets to a point where the nanny culture gets pathetic.

I think a study should be done to to compare the dangers of using mobile phones (cell phones), hands free kits and talking to a passenger/screaming kids/ listening to loud music. I personally believe that the screaming kids will be the most distracting and so a law should be passed that kids under a certain age should be bound and gagged with electric tape in order to prevent distraction to the driver ;)…

Seriously though. Hands free kits, while allowing potential distraction, also allow the driver to have full control of the vehical as they have there hands free to operate the controls instead of having one hand tied to a brick. As for the screeming kids… well, i’ll let you decide the pros and cons of that.

If you guys in the states ever get a law banning mobile phone use in vehicles. Make sure you you don’t end up on the road to banning all communication/entertainment on the road as we are clearly on.

Marc Orchant

Spot on Ja,es. This is my biggest source of irritation these days. It seems like every stupid move I see on the road these days is caused by someone yacking awat on their cell. Albuquerque just enacted a ban on cell phone usage without a hands-free device of one sort or another. Sadly, the police say it will only be enforced if there are other factors involved in attracting an officer’s attention.

Too bad really – especially since we too have the red light cameras installed at an increasing number of busy intersections.

Ar least I don’t get so many smart comments about wearing my Bluetooth headset anymore ;^)

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