Did clearing temporary files help my Zune?


Zune_balance_main_2Just a quick tidbit of info to pass along, although this is an odd Zune issue, and an even odder solution. I actually lost the ability to sign in to the Zune Marketplace and therefore couldn’t get new music from my Zune Pass subscription. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Zune software a number of times but to no avail. Here’s what I saw: when clicking the Sign In button on Zune, nothing happened. Literally…nothing. It was like the button had no code behind it.

Before I got fed up and called Zune support (since the problem lasted 3 days), I started thinking about the problem, or rather, what was supposed to happen when the button was clicked. Essentially, the software would contact the Windows Live servers over the Internet, sign me in and continue along. I knew that the Windows Live services were running (I checked the status), so I figured it was something on my end, specifically tied my web connection. I cleaned out my Temporary Internet Files and wouldn’t you know it? I was able to connect to the Zune Marketplace immediately after.

Anybody else have this strange behavior? I suspect that the Marketplace catalog may "gunk up" the system with temp files, but that’s just a suspicion on my part. Now to tackle the next problem: getting myself out of the Zune pictured above: it’s really cramped in here!


Bill Pytlovany

It’s not unusual and not just a Zune Marketplace issue. Windows is horrible at handling the Temp Internet Folder when it grows to big. The first time I ran into a problem was when I could no longer right-click on IE to view source. Going to the Internet Options and clicking on “Delete Files…” did the trick.

My recommendation…
Go to the IE Tools menu -> Internet Options.
Under the General Tab is a Settings button.
For “Amount of disk space to use:” keep it under 256 MB especially if you have a huge disk.

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