Anheuser-Busch Mingles Online With Social Net Promotion


Aside from trying to remain afoul of state attorneys general regarding issues of minors and its Bud.TV online entertainment network, Anheuser-Busch is trying to stay away from those under 21 with its recent foray into social networking sites. Rather than approach drinkers through MySpace, which still maintains a large membership of those not yet old enough to drink legally, the beer company is joining start-up social net MingleNow, Adweek reported. A-B is bringing its “Here’s to beer” campaign to MingleNow with a promotion called “Clink.” MingleNow, which launched last December, connects users through bars and clubs, not through online profiles like most other social nets. On MingleNow, which claims that the majority of its 300,000 members are between 21 and 35, users show the bars and clubs they tend to socialize at, along with their social plans. The site is an offshoot of San Jose, CA-based online ad marketing company BlueLithium. The company started the social network so it could add anonymous demographic and user behavior data to improve its ad targeting on other sites.
The NYT adds that MingleNow users will be able to upload photos and videos as part of the Clink campaign as a way of integrating members into the promotion.
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