Which Vista driver version is right for you?


I have tried to keep Fujitsu P1610 owners informed about any new audio drivers I can find.  The problem with the audio system under Vista on the P1610 is one that is bothersome because the audio system under Windows XP is simply superb.  The SigmaTel High Definition Audio drivers in WinXP create a total audio experience that is one of the best I have used on any mobile PC.  For me this means that if the Vista audio experience falls short in any way then we take a step backwards in the audio category after upgrading to Vista.

The original audio drivers released by Fujitsu US are simply horrible.  The headphone jack doesn’t work, the volume levels are too soft to hear and it is near impossible to use the internal microphone for anything.  The upgraded drivers I found on the Fujitsu Singapore site go a long way toward correcting most of the above problems but still have some niggling problems like the internal mic muting every time a program tries to use it.  Today I found yet another driver version on the Fujitsu Siemens UK site that I just installed and while it added some options to the SigmaTel control panel it hasn’t improved the microphone situation over the Singapore drivers.  I’m still testing this new driver but so far it hasn’t changed much.

This is too bad because as I mentioned the WinXP audio experience on the P1610 is awesome and even speech recognition works well using the internal microphone.  I can’t get good results using any of these Vista drivers with speech recognition so in that regard the Vista experience is a step backward.  I am wondering if this audio problem is why Fujitsu hasn’t released an official Vista version of the P1610, even though you can get the other Tablet PC models with Vista pre-installed.

Here’s a list of the three different Vista audio drivers and download locations:



I am hoping by now that you have found a solution to the audio driver situation. I just updated my Fujitsu T4210 to Vista Business and now have the same problem. I have tried the vista audio driver from their US website without any luck. I will try the other sites later.

If you have found a solution, would you please let me know. Thank you.



I know it’s not a real solution, but I wonder if the motherboard on the P1610 is compatible with your external Superbeam SoundMAX Array microphone?


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