Vista Pauses FOX video on demand

What a terrible day for Microsoft Vista! It is getting a lot of negative reviews, with some reviewers urging people to stick to the old XP-Office 2003 combination. Chris Pirillo, the biggest Microsoft Windows proponent out there says he is breaking up with Vista. Damn – that’s harsh. Since we don’t do Windows, we really can’t vouch for all the negativity.

Nevertheless in our little video world, Vista is not playing well with some services, though it seems to be the fault of the service provider than Microsoft created issue. We know all about the Vista-iTunes fracas. Today, however, a new wrinkle emerged when a reader wrote in with this complaint:

Just upgraded my 6month old dualcore dell with Vista. after doing si we went to go watch last night’s episode of 24 on and got the following message.

“FOX Video on Demand does not currently support computers running Windows Vista operating system. The site will support Windows Vista in the near future.”

Stunned that this is not huge headline news.. MS comes out with an OS that shuts down TV shows….

Now are you experiencing this problem? Or similar problems? Are there other video services that are not playing well with Vista. We would love to know.