New Parallels features out of beta: available free for current users


Parallels_vistaIf you’re running Parallels Workstation on a Mac, you might want to check for upgrades today. Macworld reports that the latest and greatest features that were in public beta have now become generally available at no extra charge for current Parallels licensed users. What features are in there, say you? How about:

  • Coherence: shows your Windows apps in the Dock and runs them right in the Mac environment
  • Transporter: migrates settings and profiles to Parallels
  • USB 2.0 support at full speed (480 Mbps)
  • Official Vista support

Parallels offers a 15-day trial (which I’ll be downloading within the week) and costs $79.95 direct, although I see it in our Amazon store for about $66 right now with free shipping.



It’s a cheap shot I know but… Dave… I do hope that it’s not Vista Home Basic or Home Premium you’re trying to virtualise.

Thanks to our wanna-be digital overloads you’re going to have to pony up for Business or Ultimate if you want to run it in a VM.

Cheap shot number two? Well, personally I’d just use XP. The only benefit I can see in Vista is you no longer have to buy an MSDN license if your touch-screen device OEM didn’t splash out on Tablet Edition… as you’re running a Mac… I guess it’s not a tablet.

Vista Ultimate White-Elephant Edition anyone?

Dave Zatz

Awesome… I just so happen to have a copy of Vista here looking for a Mac home. As soon as my copy of Parallels realizes the update is live, I’ll upgrade and install.

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