New Motion Tablet PC rumors in Alaska


Motion logoWe heard from a jkOnTheRun reader in Alaska that Motion Computing is going to release a new Tablet PC soon.  According to our source who has requested anonymity, when asked when a current Motion owner should upgrade to a newer model the Motion representative said:

“I would wait a month. We’ve got a new tablet coming out that’s definitely worth waiting for. It will literally change the entire tablet scape. If you’re thinking about buying, I would wait.”

This is obviously a new device and not the innovative new medical Tablet PC that Motion recently announced.  Motion makes fantastic slate Tablet PCs and this new mystery model would be the first consumer device released since Motion entered into the manufacturing agreement with ASUS.  Motion whenever you want to give a few hints about this revolutionary new Tablet PC we’re all ears.



an LS800 that had 1024×768 native res as an option would be perfect.

800×600 for causal work, 1024 for graphic type apps.

I’d be all over that.

Mickey Segal

It was clear from Rob Bushway’s Vegas interview with Scott Eckert:
that there were new models to look forward to beyond the Clinical Assistant.

Some aspects are easy to predict – it will run Vista, and presumably have enough graphics power to run Aero.

I’d like to see an even lighter successor to the LS800 form factor. Since Scott Eckert uses a docked LS800 as his desktop computer I’d go out on a limb and predict that the LS800 successor will be pitched towards a use case of docking at your desk and easy portability on the go.

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