Gizmo 3.0, Voice for all IMs


JUST RELEASED: How do you make Gizmo Project better? Add free calling to other IM clients to the service. And that’s exactly what SIPphone, the company behind Gizmo Project, has done with the just-out-of-oven Gizmo Project 3.0 soft client. You can now make free calls to people that use Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live IM networks, in addition to those who are using Jabber, Google Talk and Gizmo Project. (Where is AIM, damn it?)

The company claims that it is the first VoIP software client to tie multiple popular VoIP networks. Gizmo Project 3.0 include real-time file sharing which users to exchange files with other Gizmo Project 3.0 users, or send files directly to any major Jabber client.

To make a call, users simply type the username or ID of the person they want to call plus the network domain, for example, or Gizmo Project 3.0 users can also call international Yahoo Messenger users for free in France, Spain, and many other countries, for example or

The tiny little company, despite its size, is really pushing the envelope in terms of features and functionality. Gizmo’s tackt is federating voice, and interoperating with as many other VoIP services as possible. They do get overzealous in their desire to get their message out, but then that’s part-and-parcel of being a lil’start-up.

Nevertheless, I am a little bummed that the Mac and Linux versions aren’t going to be released for a few weeks, but Windows users can download the software today, and start calling. Oh, please let me know how this works out. You know – no Mac version and all.



Gizmo is a great voip program, but i have the mac and i don’t find the correct version. I’ll wait….


This is an interesting topic: i tried many of these voip programs and i have to say gizmo was one of the better, the only bad thing was the “bonjour service” or something like this, hated it!
Anyway i’ll give it a second chance:p

James Wanless

While Gizmo lets users call from the Gizmo client on their PC, Talkster has extended this to the mobile phone in support of its belief that users shouldn’t have to sit in front of a computer to make VoIM calls. So for the last 6-months, Talkster users with an ordinary mobile phone (no PC or broadband required), have been able to call their Google Talk, Gizmo and MSN buddies from anywhere.

See my post on this subject here:


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Markus Goebel

Good job, Ruslan! Thank you. I checked it out directly. Works great!

I said “CALL” to the MSN messenger user “” and then my phone ringed. Tried it out further by having a little talk to another person who went with the wireless phone to the kitchen. Great sound quality.

Markus Goebel

The service has even some kind of answering machine: If the MSN contacts do not answer they get an e-mail with the message as a *.WAV attachement.

Markus Goebel

It might be very interesting to you that Gizmo uses the address “” to bridge calls between the Gizmo Project client and the MSN messenger. This means that Gtalk2VoIP was not only the first company in this market, Gizmo is also using their infrastructure.

The address “” is a bridge. This means: You can call from Gizmo to the MSN messenger, but not the other way around. The address “” is now in my MSN messenger contact list. When I call it or chat to it it does not answer.

It would be great if it would ask me the Gizmo ID I want to call. In this case I could really ring my phone from the MSN messenger.

I hope the Gizmo people put this function on their ToDo list.


I also tried to enlist my Gizmo SIP address in Passport so that MSN messenger users can chat and call to it. But that is not possible because the SIP address does not work as an e-mail address, although it looks like one.

This should be another point in the ToDo list and maybe solve the problem.

:) :) :)

Markus Goebel

Well, and if the Gizmo-IM-integration does not work this way, the Peruvians can always call me for free at When they call me from this website to my Gizmo Project ID this call is free and unlimited. YEAH! I think I like this company.

Markus Goebel

Oh yes!

This sounds very hot to me. I have been waiting for something like this.

I use Gizmo on my analog telephony adapter (ATA) to let my Peruvian friends call me for free on my normal German telephone, while my computer is switched of. Until now they have to install the Gizmo soft phone to call me this way. But maybe this is not necessary anymore?

I will check out now if I can also receive calls of MSN messenger users on my phone. Should be possible, or not?

This would really be my personal killer application! Nearly all Peruvians I know use the MSN messenger. But they don’t know about Gizmo or VoIP.

Let’s see if the Gizmo-IM-integration works also this way!

John Bäckstrand

gtalk2voip has been around for some time, and they do cross-network-voip for free. So if Gizmo just started with this they were clearly not first.

Btw is their client still locked in to their proxy-servers or whatever?


Gizmo is super-interesting but I don’t get where it is going. Is it conceivable that it select a usable name and start acting like a company?


Obviously the company claims are wrong since they are not the fist one to do it, which you better know about ;)

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