DyKnow software plus Tablet PC equals cool eighth-graders


Tablet_pc_in_classroomI know we had an abacus in our house when I was growing up, not a Lenovo Tablet PC like the eighth-graders in Greenwich Country Day School do. Not only do they use Tablet PCs, but in this article from Greenwich Time, I see that they’re using software called DyKnow, which I’ve never heard of until now. It sounds like the software is a real-time teacher-student sharing application based on this tablet tidbit from Jen Donnalley’s classroom:

"Jake Orthwein, 14, raised his hand and asked if he could show off his answer. But that wouldn’t require Donnalley duplicating the work on a chalkboard or Orthwein describing step by step how he solved the problem. Instead, Donnalley tapped a few buttons on her tablet computer, which is similar to a laptop computer but has a screen that can be written on with an electronic pen. She and all of her students have the computer, each connected wirelessly to the Internet and to each other. Donnalley instantly connected to her student’s computer, and Orthwein’s scribbled equation, which he wrote on his own computer screen, popped up in front of the class on a large screen."

Wow! It’s like OneNote sharing on steroids, which rocks! Now, where did I put my abacus….
UPDATE: we have heard of DyKnow before. This Flu medication is making me loopy. ;)

Image credit: Southern Connecticut Newspapers

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