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Clipmarks Adds Video Saving and Sharing

Clipmarks, a site for both personal and social clipping of text and photos found on web sites, is adding video support today. Why is this interesting? Basically, the company is taking the work out of saving and sharing video.

Along with the capability to grab video from a good variety of sites, Clipmarks is extending its bookmarking tool to be a blogging tool, compatible with Blogger, WordPress, and Six Apart services. That means if you find a video somewhere on the web, you’ll only need about three clicks to post it on your own site. Clipmarks President and CEO Eric Goldstein said in an interview today his company will take care of proper attribution and linkage and all that.

Doubters will say, c’mon, how hard is it to embed a video? Certainly not as hard as it is to sign up for a whole new service, install a bookmarking button, and input your blogging credentials! And yeah, that’s true, but this is a good step towards streamlining web video sharing. It’s similar to what Facebook has done with its internal sharing service, though of course that’s within a walled garden, while Clipmarks is quite open.

Clipmarks is a five-person company based in New York City, currently looking for funding. It first went live in late 2005. The site has about 175,000 registered users and 500,000 unique visitors per month, according to Goldstein.

The video sites Clipmarks is supporting as of Monday’s release are Atom Films, Bolt, Break, Dailymotion, IFILM, Metacafe, MySpace, PodTech, StupidVideos, AOL Uncut, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, and YouTube.

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  1. While it does not require a rocket scientist to post an embedded link, I like the idea of convenience they are offering with regards to media posting. A single go to for all video sounds like a good idea