Best Buy teams up with Dynamism- mobile mayhem ensues

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Best Buy Escape

In what could only be called a great coup for Dynamism, today the cool gadget emporium announced that a lot of the high tech gadgetry they sell online will be available on the Best Buy Escape online store.  Current offerings:

• Asus Ultra Mobile PC with Intel® Celeron® M Processor ULV
• Raon Ultra Mobile PC with AMD Geode™ Processor LX800
• OQO Ultra Portable PC with Transmeta Crusoe™ Processor
• Flybook Notebook with Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology – Black, Model v33i
• Flybook Notebook with Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology, Model VM
• Thanko Silent Optical Mouse
• Violet Nabaztag/tag Wi-Fi Bunny

Dynamism have been good friends to jkOnTheRun by supplying review units and Kevin and I had the pleasure of meeting CEO Douglas Krone at CES earlier this year.  Congratulations to Douglas and Dynamism on this sweet deal.

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