A Launcher Shootout


If you’re a fan of Quicksilver or Launchbar, undoubtedly you’ve had the debate over which is king. If this has ever been the case, you may be interested to check out the blog dedicated to Quicksilver or Launchbar being the better launcher apps for OS X. With the minor exception of a lack of TAB Quicksilver coverage within, the points being made a pretty good ones. At the very least it makes for an interesting read about the 2 top dogs (although Butler should probably be included as well to round it out) in the category.

I’m sure most of the readers of The Apple Blog know that I’m quite taken with Quicksilver. But I did give Launchbar a try back in the day to make sure I wasn’t missing a better product. At that time it just didn’t stack up. Perhaps it does today, but at this point I’m too far gone with Quicksilver to change away. So that’s where I stand. But the debate can definitely be a bitter one if you let yourself get caught-up in it.



Another BIG vote for Overflow- QS was good but Overflow’s ability to drag-drop-and-file was the clencher. It’s the first shareware app I bought before the trial ran out! ;)


Honza is right on. I think QS is great looking and would like to try it, but i’ve read it’s a memory hog (hey, it does like everything). a good comparison will show the footprints in addition to features.


QuickSilver is too confusing to me. Don’t understand it. Launchbar I do understand.


I would be interested to know what memory footprints and CPU usage each of these applications have.


I’m with Lonnie.
Overflow is perfect for what I need. Not too much, not too little, I can make it exactly what I want and nothing more. Not to minimize others’ preferences though. If Quicksilver is for you, than great.


Overflow! – I used to have Quicksilver installed, then I tried Butler, although both were great they just had too much to incorporate into my day to day workflow. Overflow was exactly what I needed in a launcher and not anything more.

Scott H

Both QS and Butler have way more stuff than I need. Some people don’t want or need a smartphone, just a way to make & receive calls.

Namely does everything I need in a launcher–it’s like a perfect version of Spotlight, just for applications. As long as I remember something about the app name, I’m there in 3-4 keystrokes. And it’s Universal.

Nick Santilli

I’ll agree with you on all of the above Elliot. Just figured some might like to see the comparison in case they’re somehow confused about Quicksilver’s reign.

And ‘QS mafia’, I like that!! Count me in.


Since when is Quicksilver a launcher? I mean, yeah, I can get to any application on my computer in two keystrokes, but with everything else it does it’s kind of like refering to a leatherman as a pair of pliers.

By the way, quicksilver destroys, and as a member of the QS mafia I’m going to have to ask that this conversation be stopped right now.

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