Cameraphones Put Squeeze On Paparazzi

The idea that people with cameraphones would be able to take pictures of events as they happen and celebrities and then market those images to the media has been around for years, but as more people hear about it and learn how to market their photos it’s putting the squeeze on paparazzi, according to The Guardian (reg required). It quotes German paparazzi Hans Paul as saying he once earned $120,000 for a picture of then-pregnant Julia Roberts but with the glut of photos the fees have been driven to new lows, saying: “There is no doubt that we paparazzi are suffering from this. There is hardly any money to be made in the everyday business.”
I couldn’t see much wrong with this, but unfortunately rather than giving up the paparazzi jobs and doing something useful with their lives “the only business paparazzi could now rely on was exclusive photos taken using stealth tactics such as following A-list stars using light aircraft or pretending to be postmen or decorators”.