Who’s the Hottest Vlogger of Them All?


We have nothing against ugly people, but video is a visual medium, after all. If you’re in a meat market kind of mood, head over to local gossip blog Valleywag’s “Vlog Hot” feature.

The massive beauty contest, facing off some 80 videobloggers, is set to have 14 heats, followed by semis and finals, all open to anyone and everyone to vote as often as they like. Six heats are already running as we speak. The prize is a photoshoot or a statuette made of your own picture. Vanity, schmanity.

Valleywag’s hottie contests previously crowned GigaOM founder Om Malik and business manager Joey Wan (that’s actually how they met).


schlomo rabinowitz

Im with Deirdre re: the “same ole, same ole” that is coming from this movement, so with that I say:

Vote for me for Short Nebbish Jew in Videoblogging!

Deirdré Straughan

When vlogging began, I had high hopes that, by giving ordinary people a chance to be in front of the camera, it would undercut the beauty-ocracy of the mass media, and give us all a chance to see that there are many different kinds of beauty, and that someone need not be beautiful to be worth watching.

Instead, vlogging appears to be turning into the same crap that we already have on TV, just in a smaller screen area. Amanda Congdon actually has a very fine brain, but no one would ever have known it with the way the press (and the bloggers) wrote about her.

I suppose it’s too much to hope that the media will grow up when the human race keeps refusing to.

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