Sony UX bundle…with a keyboard?

Sony_ux280p_bundleI found this semi-amusing but of value to someone shopping for a Sony UX handheld. So many folks touted the UX as a much better ultra-mobile computer solution than the Origami spec’d devices because it has an integrated keyboard. I ask those folks: how long have you used that keyboard? I tried it and it’s as usable as the keyboard on my XV 6700 smartphone, meaning: it’s a good thumb-board for minimal data entry. If I need to type anything longer than 4 or 5 sentences, I’m better off with a full size keyboard where I can touch-type and save time.

I wonder if Sony actually agrees with that: Micro PC Talk found a Sony UX bundle that gets you a Sony UX-280P and includes a fold-up Bluetooth keyboard for $1,799. The keyboard looks like a re-badged ThinkOutside keyboard, which is a solid piece of equipment.

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