Sony UX bundle…with a keyboard?

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Sony_ux280p_bundleI found this semi-amusing but of value to someone shopping for a Sony UX handheld. So many folks touted the UX as a much better ultra-mobile computer solution than the Origami spec’d devices because it has an integrated keyboard. I ask those folks: how long have you used that keyboard? I tried it and it’s as usable as the keyboard on my XV 6700 smartphone, meaning: it’s a good thumb-board for minimal data entry. If I need to type anything longer than 4 or 5 sentences, I’m better off with a full size keyboard where I can touch-type and save time.

I wonder if Sony actually agrees with that: Micro PC Talk found a Sony UX bundle that gets you a Sony UX-280P and includes a fold-up Bluetooth keyboard for $1,799. The keyboard looks like a re-badged ThinkOutside keyboard, which is a solid piece of equipment.

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Gordon Cahill

You’re right. It is funny how the media judged both the UMPC and devices like the UX based whether it had a keyboard and not whether having a keyboard, thumb board or no keyboard suited the purpose of what the device was intended to be for. These devices are designed as companion devices. If you buy one of these and expect it to perform outside its intended use you can expect to be disapointed. It’s kind of like marking a super powerfull desktop computer down because it’s too heavy.

I have a UX and a stowaway keyboard and they are both really useful in totally different ways. Even with Vista on the UX the built in keyboard is better for web and email addresses than the TIP or ritepen. In conjunction with activewords that little keyboard can be amazingly productive. For longer document I use my stowaway keyboard and mouse. With this kit and a spare battery I still carry less weight than any UMPC on the market. With Vista I have the tablet OS as well. It’s the best of all worlds.

If you use the UX as it was intended then having a BT keyboard and the internal one actually makes a lot of sense.


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