Software Copy-Catting

Those of us long in the Apple Camp are familiar with the trend of Windows platform entities copying our friends in Cupertino. (And yes, I know, the copying goes both ways. Always has. Relax.) The one most will argue about – regardless the stance you take – is the way the operating system ‘wars’ have shaped up in recent years. Another trend is the way the hardware manufactures like to mimic various styles that Apple tends to bring to market first. It’s all perspective, but you get the point I’m making.

Well lately I’ve been noticing another similar trend. My estimation is that the software developers on the Mac side of the computing world have an unusual flair for software design. More so, they have an alternative point of view on the needs that software may be able to fulfill. For instance, back in my Windows days, I’d never even imagined a ‘Launcher’, let alone what it might do for me and my computing experience. But upon moving to the Mac, Quicksilver soon made me realize all that I was missing. And there are several such Launchers for OS X as a matter of fact.

So yeah, OS X supports some really cool software that you just can’t find for our Windows counter-parts. In recent months I’ve seen where developers on the Window side of the house are mimicking some of the great software ideas found on the Mac platform. Launchy is similar in idea to Quicksilver, and now Snarl is a rip-off Windows version of OS X’s Growl. Granted, the developers of the Apple software I mention here may have gotten their inspiration from the likes of Linux, but I’m not as familiar with that side of things. But the naming conventions of these Windows apps (Snarl? Growl?) are awfully inspired, aren’t they?

What other apps have I missed that have been inspired on the Windows platform, by popular OS X examples?


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