Price drop on Vista-quipped Flybook at iCube

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I know you didn’t miss Kevin’s great video review of the FlyBook v33i ultra-portable PC.  The FlyBook is a tiny titan with integrated WWAN and a nice swiveling screen.  Just about the only wishes Kevin had about the FlyBook was that it was a real Tablet PC and not just another Windows XP box and that it weren’t quite so expensive.  Guess what?  I just heard from the good folks at iCube (who supplied the evaluation unit Kevin reviewed) and they tell me the FlyBook v33i now ships with Vista Business installed and at a lower price of $2,299.  The inclusion of Vista Business turns the FlyBook into a true Tablet PC with all the functionality that provides.  Sounds like all Kevin’s wishes came true. 


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Ive been checking around on pricing, and this is the cheapest price for this, and the only place its available with vista. If I missed somewhere sorry about that

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