NBA Posts Up on YouTube


It all comes back to the highlight reel. Just one week after hooking up with Eyespot to launch its own video-mixing site, the NBA began soliciting today homemade YouTube gems from would-be hoopstars.

The new YouTube channel, “Post Up the NBA,” asks users to submit clips of their court moves. The best clips will be featured on a weekly video called “NBA Top Ten on YouTube.”

This is an excellent idea, and one that allows the NBA to interact with fans online while maintaining the value of its original broadcasts. It’s also a counterpoint to the league’s video-mixing site, which takes a walled-garden approach on its Eyespot-powered site — you can’t share your videos outside the site’s confines.

So far though, twelve hours in, I don’t see any user-gen clips uploaded to the YouTube channel. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

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