In Case You Missed It…

I endured the Oscars last night, mainly waiting for the ad for Apple’s iPhone. I did my normal 20-30 second skip ahead during commercials, looking for something Apple-esque as I skimmed. I went almost the entire show without seeing a commercial. It seemed odd.

The first time I saw Lucy pick up the telephone all I just zipped ahead, thinking it was some Oscar-Style montage during the commercial break. Then I saw it again later – maybe it was the point I caught up to the live airing of the show – and realized it was Apple’s commercial for the forthcoming iPhone.

It most definitely wasn’t what I would have expected from Apple, but I suppose it was appropriate for the programming it was airing alongside. I felt it was a bit understated, and maybe that’s just what Apple’s going for with the ramp up marketing effort. What did you think? Here’s the spot on in case you missed it – as I almost did.


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