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I endured the Oscars last night, mainly waiting for the ad for Apple’s iPhone. I did my normal 20-30 second skip ahead during commercials, looking for something Apple-esque as I skimmed. I went almost the entire show without seeing a commercial. It seemed odd.

The first time I saw Lucy pick up the telephone all I just zipped ahead, thinking it was some Oscar-Style montage during the commercial break. Then I saw it again later – maybe it was the point I caught up to the live airing of the show – and realized it was Apple’s commercial for the forthcoming iPhone.

It most definitely wasn’t what I would have expected from Apple, but I suppose it was appropriate for the programming it was airing alongside. I felt it was a bit understated, and maybe that’s just what Apple’s going for with the ramp up marketing effort. What did you think? Here’s the spot on in case you missed it – as I almost did.



Hello!! Yo Ho! Ciao! Allo! oh yeah we heard…. Hello the iPhone is coming. very subtle. very Apple. Their classic kind of advertising. Probably done by ad agency Chiat Day Hello!….


I missed it running during the Oscars, but I think that it was a very appropriate program to launch the ad during. By the way, I think that “understated” will be a new trend in advertising. People are moving away from the overwhelm me feel to a simpler one.

This video is still a great example of Apple’s clean understated becoming something that it’s not. It’s a parody, but you’ll get the point.


I liked it as well. It reminded me of their first Apple commercial in a way. That first commercial basically announced to the world, “We’re Apple and some big things are coming”. I got the same feeling from the “Hello” commercial.

It was definitely a targeted placement. Paying homage to the Oscars and the audience that was watching them. I think it is safe to say, that is not their typical demographic.

I don’t expect to see “Hello” anywhere else other than online. I believe it is probably retired, just like the original Apple commercial from ’84. What I expect we’ll see next is the beginning of the true campaign. The “coolness” will be back and they’ll be back to targeting their true demo.

The Apple marketing department will no doubt come through, yet again.


I liked it too. Understated teaser, making people wonder where it’s all going. Reminds me of the AT&T mLife commercials from a few years ago. Got us talking and wondering. I like the subtle branding thing.


I think it was intentionally understated. I also think it was paying homage to the original Mac with the tag “Hello”. It ties in with the whole “the first 30 years were only the beginning” theme as well as the show it was airing alongside. We are still roughly 3 months to launch and I expect there will be a massive push when it comes time for the launch.


I liked it. It was a teaser – just enough to pique curiosity and remind people that the iPhone is coming this summer. Based on the wild speculation we’ve seen about how well this feature or that feature will function, and whether the iPhone will be worth the price, I’d say Apple is smart to play it low-key with the non-Gizmodo/Digg crowd.

The medium is also important. Effective TV marketing is about eliciting an emotional reaction. Getting into the details of the product kills that reaction.

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