Halo 3– First Killer App for 2 Year Old 360?


Several titles have sold very well on the XBox 360, but none of them have particularly moved any more consoles. Even though the 360 is currently ahead in this generation, to stay that way they’re going to need more than Gears of War. According to Max Freiert at Compete, when consumers were looking at XBox 360s over the holidays, only 4% were also looking at Gears of War. Though they have a head start, it won’t take long for competitors to catch up (assuming that Sony doesn’t continue doing the stupidest things possible), and the race really begins, but Microsoft does have one ace up its sleeve: Halo 3.

Killer app is kind of hard to define. The easiest way to look at it is to say that it’s a game that moves consoles, which is something that Gears of War did not do. Though Gears of War was a big success, selling over 3 million copies, it didn’t sell consoles to people, and that’s what Microsoft needs. Though they have a good lineup of software, are cheaper than the PS3 and readily available, the 360’s aren’t moving as fast as they theoretically should. That’s where Halo 3 comes in.

Now, take that 4% that were considering Gears of War and contrast that with an average of 12% who were looking at Halo. That’s triple the amount of views for a game that won’t even be out for months. This should make for an interesting Holiday Season if Sony can bring out a few killer apps of their own.


Byron Miller

Someone has to say it.. The first killer hit was the tripple platinum Gears of War. Incase you haven’t noticed that title still dominates the Xboxlive charts. Check out majornelson.com’s weekly stats.

Halo3 will be a killer app as well.

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