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If you don’t want to wait until June for the iPhone, CallWave gives you the ability (sort of) to have visual voicemail now. CallWave essentially replaces the standard voicemail service your cell carrier uses, in order to provide added functionality. Among the added functions is a VOIP-like option of having your voicemails emailed to you. But for Apple fans – and fans of things just being easier in general – VoiceWave also offers a great little Dashboard Widget for accessing your voicemail visually.

The service and widget are free, and after some quick use and testing, it seems like a decent system. I’ll have to reserve full judgment until after I’ve used it for a week or so, but I definitely like the idea. And props to CallWave for allowing you to add your callers (from the widget) to your Address Book. Promising little details, in my opinion.

Via CoolOSXApps

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I recently signed up for Callwave, and after switching my voicemail to their service, all of my old saved voicemails have been deleted. When I dial my old voicemail access number (*86 for Verizon), it tells me I have NO messages. So a warning to everyone: before signing up for this service, make sure to “backup” your saved messages, which probably means copying down any important information on paper.

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