Fly through the Virtual Earth with an Xbox 360 controller


I forgot that my XBox 360 USB controllers work with Vista; now that I plugged one in, I can fly through the Virtual Earth, just like Sidebar_Geek does in this video! As soon as I inserted my controller into my Vista machine, the driver installed without a problem. Windows Update then told me there was an even newer driver and promptly downloaded it as well.

Xbox_360_controller_installed_1While I fiddle with this controller a little bit, have a look-see at the two minute video above. I love a mouse as much as the next cat, but there’s something to be said for quickly navigating around the Earth using a game controller.



So what PS3 controller can do better and much more

Dave Zatz

Speaking of Xbox peripherals on the PC, my 360 cam worked flawlessly on my desktop PC but I was never able to get it working on my laptop. I read online of many driver-related problems, and on those machines it wouldn’t work on there seemed to be no resolution.

So I traded the cam to a buddy for his copy of Modern Combat.

Kevin C. Tofel

C’mon Matt: how could I forget you? You were my go-to guy for all of those WMCE / Xbox 360 posts over at HDBeat! :) Thanks for the reminder: that wireless receiver for the PC came out a week or two back but I haven’t had a chance to use one yet; I’m also hardwired for my 360 headset for Live, but I should probably cut that cord too! Thanks!


Hey Kevin,

Not sure if ya remember me. I am the Xbox MVP you emailed a couple times, ’bout a year ago regarding the wireless adaptor for the 360.

Anyways, with the release of the wireless receiver for the PC, you can now use a wireless 360 controller. As well, you can also hook up your wireless headset and use it as a PC headset.

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