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Google Extends Video AdSense Service; Adds WSJ, Conde Nast

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So what if Google/YouTube can’t come to agreement on distributing media companies’ content onto YouTube…the other way around (the core of its business) is working just fine, thank you. In an illustration of how gray everything is in the media-tech-finance nexus these days, Google has extended its video advertising through AdSense, and included content providers such as Dow Jones & Company, CondeNast and other content ocmpanies. MTV started in a pilot deal with Google last year, with brief clips from MTVN’s shows onto selected content sites, with ads in those clips as well. It extended it to include videos from Sony BMG and Warner Music Group early this year.
Now, it has formalized the program. The videos appear inside Google ad boxes on sites that are relevant to the content of the videos, and ads run during or after the content. Google shares the ad revenues with the video provider and with the sites that show the videos. See a live example of this with WSJ video content on this story page. Another example: A ski resort show created by LX.TV, a broadband network, is being shown with ads on skiing blogs.
Control over the ads in these clips vary: Google sells ads in its network for Conde Nast videos, but in the content-ad test with MTV Networks last fall, MTV sold the ads (sharing the revenue with Google).
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