This Week At Giga Gamez (02/19/2007 – 02/25/2007)


Here’s our weekly round-up of the top stories on Giga Gamez from last week.

We take a deeper look at what’s going on with the Nintendo release schedule.

James takes a look at whether the M rating could turn into the kiss of death that NC-17 became for movies.

Q1 may be slow most of the time, but there’s a few key console releases to keep an eye out for.

WJA ponders what could be going wrong with the 360 that would make so many units defective.

The PS3 hasn’t been having a good few months, and it shows. The PS3 comes in last in sales after the Wii, XBox 360 and even the PS2.

James takes a look at the Crackdown trailer and wonders why they don’t play up the sandbox elements of the game in his latest Trailer of the Day.

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