Bond Game Producer Joins Capcom

Capcom is very popular in Japan. There’s no doubt about that, but what’s happening elsewhere? Though they’ve been around forever, Capcom hasn’t had mass appeal in the U.S. for quite some time. However, they’ve been making a major push in America recently. With the release of Lost Planet and Dead Rising, Capcom has made solid progress over the last year, but they want more. That’s where Scot Bayless comes in.

According to Next Generation, Scot Bayless, long-time industry veteran who has worked with companies ranging from Strategic Simulations, Inc. to Electronic Arts (where he produced several of their popular Bond games), has joined Capcom in order to head up several new AAA titles for North America and Europe over the next few years. Mark Beaumont, head of Capcom’s American and European software publishing, had this to say:

“With the addition of Scot to the Capcom team, we now have all the pieces in place to begin the next iteration of Capcom’s larger plans for international growth outside of Japan. This will allow us to build off our foundation of significant franchises from Japan, and broaden our portfolio to allow for the expansion of our activities in the west.”

With the way that Dead Rising(over 525,000 units sold) and Lost Planet(455,250 units so far) have been selling, there’s no doubt that Capcom is improving their reputation around the world. However, it could be better. With the addition of a big name like Mr. Bayless, it shows that Capcom is serious. I must admit that I’m curious about what they have in the works.

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