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SBJ Top 20 In Online Sports: MLBAM’s Bowman, ESPN’s Kosner; CBS’s Snyder, SI’s Price Head List

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The Sports Business Journal’s ranking of the 20 most influential people in online sports starts with Bob Bowman, president and CEO of MLBAM, (more on him below) and ends with Will Leitch, editor of The all-male list in between (in order): John Kosner, SVP/GM, new media, ESPN; Steve Snyder, COO, CBS Interactive; Jeff Price, president, SI Digital; Brian Rolapp, VP, media strategy, NFL; Brian Grey, SVP/GM,; Steve Grimes, Senior director, interactive services, NBA; Dick Glover, VP, broadcasting, new media, NASCAR; Brian Bedol, President & CEO, CSTV; Neal Scarbrough, GM/Editor, AOL Sports; Shannon Terry, CEO,; Bill Simmons, Columnist,; Mark Cuban, Owner, Dallas Mavericks; Scott Bailey, VP/GM, business operations, Turner Sports New Media; Paul Johnson, VP, new media, PGA Tour; Dave Morgan, Executive editor, Yahoo Sports; Keith Ritter, President, NHL Interactive CyberEnterprises (NHL ICE); Claude Ruibal, Chairman & CEO, WCSN; Peter King, Columnist,
I’d have ranked Bedol higher; in fact, I don’t agree with the way the top 10 plays out although Bowman clearly belongs in spot #1. The inclusion of Leitch is a kick.
More on Bowman and MLBAM: In an article behind the subscription wall, SBJ looks at MLBAM’s success led by Bowman. The company — described as “starting from literally nothing in 2000” although you hardly can call the combo of MLB’s backing and rights “nothing” — has more than $300 million in annual revenue and earns more than $70 million before taxes and depreciation.
— “ still lags well behind mass market sports sites such as in raw traffic, according to several macro-level Web measurement agencies. But the key to MLBAM