Vilsack Vlogs Throwing in the Towel


Now former presidential candidate Tom Vilsack has shown that ‘first mover advantage‘ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in terms of vlogging an election campaign. Though he can count another first to his credit: the first candidate to throw in the towel on a vlog.

While Barack Obama is too busy admitting to drug use, meeting with communists and quitting smoking to update his vlog, being late to the web video table is just one of the things that can’t seem to hurt his surprisingly bulletproof public image.

Of course, Vilsack blames money and a lack of party support, but I bet he’s kicking himself for being all honest and personable and, well, human on his vlog. Maybe he should have gone with the glossy, over-produced approach favored by Clinton, or employed emotionally manipulative backdrops like Edwards.


Jackson West

Actually, I do like Barack (though he’s become a bit more ‘business as usual’ a politician than I would like since getting elected to the senate).

The intention was to link up all the somewhat trashy stories that are being dug up about him now that he’s the front runner — and point out that none have really hurt him.

Eric Mortensen

As I mentioned on my blog, I really hope he keeps vlogging. He’s a good guy, he understands the medium, and I think he can still contribute to the process if he wants to. He can be sort of an online Al Gore…more influential as a private citizen than as an elected official.

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