‘Sunshine’ Spawns Latest Video Contest


The Internet is a gameshow, let us count the ways: The YouTube-Cingular contest. The YouTube-McDonald’s contest. The YouTube-Hallmark contest.

Veoh: Make a public service announcement and win some stuff. Metacafe: Make a funny video and win some cash. Heavy: Make a funny video, win a Wii. It almost seems possible that you could earn a living, like the pajama-clad Lazlo in Val Kilmer’s Real Genius — go Netflix it, I’ll wait — by repeatedly entering contests until you win big. Big money, fabulous prizes. Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet. Bob Barker did.

So come on down, Todd Evans, you’re the winner of the Little Miss Sunshine Hooptie Contest, a joint effort between Fox and VMIX.com to promote Fox Searchlight’s surprise-hit film.

Evans (who looks not unlike Paul Bunyan) and his dad (who looks not unlike Father Time) made a charming video using two dilapidated 1989 Toyota vans. Their well-deserved prize: An exact replica of the Volkswagen van that appeared in Little Miss Sunshine. Except one hopes, for the horn problem. And the door. And the clutch.

Evans’ video really is a great piece of work. Succinct, quirky, and real. Evans and his dad plan to make road trips in their new ride, and chronicle their journeys on VMIX. Congrats.



Hey I totally entered that wii contest. I didn’t win… BUT the finalists videos are really good, except for that stupid gramma bowling video. that’s just way too cheesy. That would be funny if it was a joke.


Network2 is also having a contest with cash prizes up to $25,000. Jeff Pulver (co-founder of Vonage, woo hoo, woo hoo hoo) is behind it, so that’s where the cash is coming from. Basically, they’re looking for people to create Network2 promos showing how to watch “internet TV”.

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