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Roundup: Peer-to-Peer News Packets

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I’m not sure what’s more surprising: That Steve Jobs took a nominal stand against DRM, or that Cory Doctorow’s article dissecting Jobs’ apparent motivation was brief, lively and engaging. (I kid because I love, Cory) [Salon]

10m.jpgA 27-year old California man has been arrested for distributing a screener of Flushed Away over the internets just before the Oscars, in what C/Net points out is a new Academy Awards tradition. [C/Net]

The Pirate Bay’s delusions of grandeur were deflated a bit by their announcement that they won’t, in fact, be attempting any nation building. So what’s going to happen to the $8.64 I donated toward the effort? Buried treasure, I guess. [ZeroPaid]

Streamburst will personalize your copy of a film with your name (and a unique digital ID) in the hopes of shaming you into not sharing the copyright content in question. Like pirates have any shame. [TechCrunch]

Steve Bryant delves into the legal implications of the Grokster case in relation to YouTube (and, therefore, other services’) liability. Complicated, but very important. [ReelPop]

2 Responses to “Roundup: Peer-to-Peer News Packets”

  1. My film ‘In Search of the Valley‘ (a silicon valley documentary) is one of the first to use Streamburst. I’d love the opportunity to explain the poor choices available to filmmakers who want to sell paid-for downloads, with as few restrictions as possible.

    We looked at all the options such as Brightcove, UnBox etc. and they are mostly crippled by the dominant Windows DRM.

    I think it’s a topic that NewTeeVee readers would enjoy.

    Drop me a line,

    • Steve