Roundup: Peer-to-Peer News Packets

I’m not sure what’s more surprising: That Steve Jobs took a nominal stand against DRM, or that Cory Doctorow’s article dissecting Jobs’ apparent motivation was brief, lively and engaging. (I kid because I love, Cory) [Salon]

10m.jpgA 27-year old California man has been arrested for distributing a screener of Flushed Away over the internets just before the Oscars, in what C/Net points out is a new Academy Awards tradition. [C/Net]

The Pirate Bay’s delusions of grandeur were deflated a bit by their announcement that they won’t, in fact, be attempting any nation building. So what’s going to happen to the $8.64 I donated toward the effort? Buried treasure, I guess. [ZeroPaid]

Streamburst will personalize your copy of a film with your name (and a unique digital ID) in the hopes of shaming you into not sharing the copyright content in question. Like pirates have any shame. [TechCrunch]

Steve Bryant delves into the legal implications of the Grokster case in relation to YouTube (and, therefore, other services’) liability. Complicated, but very important. [ReelPop]