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Netvibes2Go, Pretty Good Actually

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Netvibes, the Paris-based personalized home page service, has started offering a mobile version called Netvibes2Go. The service lets users access some of the more useful Netvibes modules – iCal, GMail, AOL Mail, To-Do Lists and few more – on a mobile phone.

The set-up is pretty easy: create a tab in Netvibes called “Mobile,” and drop in some of these modules. Configure the individual services by entering your usernames and passwords – and you are good to go. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Since I don’t have any Motorola or LG/Samsung phones sitting around, I can’t say if it works on those phones or not. However, it worked rather well on my Nokia devices and Blackberry Pearl. No problems in rendering and reading. This is a clever idea because it takes out the pesky task of entering username-password combos for different services, especially on the non-qwerty devices.

Here is a very good review/overview of the service.

9 Responses to “Netvibes2Go, Pretty Good Actually”

  1. It is great that personalization going main stream. Beyond RSS feeds, wouldn’t it be great to have access to real application data like work order from backend service management application or top 10 leads for traveling sales person from CRM application.

    That’s what we do at AppVoyage (, developed personalization proxy to mobilize web apps. Also there is no need to cram everything in single homepage, can be accessed through regular bookmarks to receive personalized web app.

    Om, let us know if you would be interested in a demo.

  2. I am an avid NetVibes user. The mobile web page is okay but not that great. On a mobile phone one never gets that instant feel with the information. The act of firing up a browser and waiting to load is enough to turn people away.

    From my perspective the best way to deploy NetVibes on a cell phone is to write an application which can run in the phones background process and utilize the idle screen for information. You can also call it the PhoneTop.

    The instant factor behind flipping open my phone and accessing my information would be absolutely invaluable.

    Just my 2 cents.