Kevin Tofel and James Kendrick- note the difference


It’s been almost a year since Kevin Tofel joined me here at jkOnTheRun and he’s been a tremendous contributor to the site.  He contributes a lot of good information that is often quoted and linked to by other bloggers which is great.  So what’s the problem?  A lot of bloggers are still giving me credit for stuff that Kevin’s written and that’s not fair nor cool.  So bloggers, we love it when you link to our work but don’t forget there are two of us contributing here so take a second and check at the bottom of our post and make sure you give credit where credit is due.  So you can help tell us apart here’s a recent photo of Kevin Tofel:

Kevin cartoon

Here’s one of me, James Kendrick (JK):


See, it’s easy to tell us apart.  I”m the good-looking one. 


Tablet PC User

I was SURE you guys were identical twins looking at the pictures!



Agree with lmac — I tend to read jkontherun with Sage (RSS reader extension for Firefox) and it doesn’t tell me who the author is, but 99% of the time I can guess who the author was.


I am happy to say that I am a fan of both of you and find both of your styles unique enough to immediately tell the difference. Would it be possible to place your byline at the beginning, rather than in such small print at the end? Just a thought. Thank you BOTH for all of your work!

Mike Cane

I see now. JK has eyes the color of his hair. Kevin has no eyes.

So simple!

Seriously, though, you’ll notice that when I’ve linked, I have been careful to mention *who* specifically here made the original post.

When does Kevin get his Degree in Fienditry?

Tax Man

It was awful convenient for you to find a co-contributor whose first name started with a K so that the JK on the Run still works. I guess that’s why Matt Miller and March Orchant just get to appear on your podcasts. Seriously, you guys are fun to read and pass on some “dynomite” information. You are must read, daily, several times a day. Happy Friday!

Tax Man


Agreed. I love Kevin’s style and contributions and I am a big fan of him!! (er, I like your style as well)

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