Game Trailer of the Day: Sandboxing a Crackdown


crackdown-sandbox.jpgNext week, my man Jason McMaster will be reviewing Crackdown from GigaGamez’s unique point of view. Meantime, here’s an interesting comparison of trailers for the highly anticipated, sci fi-tinged, gangsters-versus-
mercenaries slugfest for the Xbox 360 out this week. There’s a number of versions on YouTube, and thanks to the video site’s View Count, you’re able to see which one gamers are watching most— and by inference, what about the game excites them most, too. As of today, the official trailer (watch here), which depicts Crackdown as an acrobatic, car-borne shoot-em-up,has been seen a paltry 1,435 times. But then you notice there’s another, unofficial Crackdown video that’s been seen over 50,000 times, and it’s all wacky stunts, crashes, and automotive noodling.

It’s a six minute demonstration of Crackdown’s appeal as a “sandbox game”, a world with enough open-ended, physics-enabled gameplay to gaurantee dozens of hours of inventive fun outside the straight-up game. It’s the element that made the Grand Theft Auto franchise so phenomenally successful. (Unsurprisingly, lead developer on Crackdown is David Jones, who created the original Grand Theft Auto games.) What’s strange is how little the official trailer promotes that element.



I got this game the day it came out (my friend begged me to get it so we could play co-op). I was a bit skeptical at first but now I’m really glad I bought it!

I’ve heard the story isn’t very long but that doesn’t matter to me, I’ve hardly attempted any of the story as it is. There’s thousands of fun things to do (some take more imagination that others…) but even the core game elements are great: beating the crap out of gangs, driving like a maniac, roof-top races, my never-satisified quest for more agility orbs (they seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time).

I’ve actually been surprised by the reviews, but I guess it all depends on how you play it. I like to pick up and play for an hour or so, just doing whatever, maybe progress the story a little, but honestly thats only happened by chance so far (I’ll accidentally wonder into the next gangster’s hide-out).

It reminds me a lot more of Spiderman 2 than Grand Theft Auto (another great game).

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