Black iMacs


blk imacEveryone’s getting in on the ‘news‘ that Apple will supposedly be refreshing their entire line-up of Macs in this next quarter. That’s an awful tall order of things to come. But sounds interesting enough. I’m especially down with the talk of a black iMac being released. Oh, and will they be dropping the “i” from iMac?

Anyhow, add another notch to the rumor boards…



Dark looks sharp – but doesn’t cost more $. Look on amazon at the black and white ipods (and guess which ones sell better). I am not buying till they come out in black.


Mac stuff shouldn’t come in black, its too visually noisy and also the colour of dells


I think they should have 50″ ones with completely clear edgest so that it would actually get lost against any colored wall.


We have black Dells at work and they are dust catchers. Even my old beige PC’s at home looks better than the newer black ones. Of course, my white iMac looks the best.


I completly agree with jsutevan. I actually spent extra specifically for black on my macbook and my ipod. black is cool.
And was that the actual Seven Jobs on comment #1 ?!?


White or silver is fine, smaller pupil size = best visual acuity; dark room, large pupil size = more refraction and perceived fuzziness…

Keep it the same and add iSight to the Cinema displays.


How about making the MBP’s black and white, personally I love the WHITE mac book, if they made it with a 15.4 screen I’d buy it in a minute.

Just my 20 cents

Bolantium Nation

Black would be a good addition with an anodized stand. But what would be really great, would be a 27 or 30-inch screen with less of a “chin.” All that with a 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo and space for 4GB of RAM, and bigger speakers… Nice.


I saw a white and a black MacBook side by side the other day. I assume the screen are exactly the same, but it was amazing to me how much sharper the image was on the black MacBook.

Gospel Moody

I’d buy one in an instant, assuming I had the money. What I want is to watch movies on my Mac while lying in bed. A white edge around a movie is too distracting. Anyone remember Sylvania TVs from the ’50’s? Yuck! I’ve never understood beige and white monitors – it makes no sense. Black iMac please!


Please God, no! No Apple products should not be available in black; yuck! :(


Black series rocks!

I don’t think they will drop the “i”, Apple choose mostly to drop all the “Power” prefixe but maybe they will do the same as with the iBook.

Besides, this mock-up image is from Collis Ta’eed.

A detail: you can see its northxeast logo between the iMovie and Garageband logos in the Dock.

Maybe you can ask him for the wallpaper ;)

Steven Jobs

i like the art what came with this message. the mac looks nice in black:D

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