Adtron 160 GB Flash drive


We’ve been all over the evolution of the flash hard drive here on jkOnTheRun because of the impact it can have on mobile PCs in the areas of performance and battery life.  The largest capacity flash HDD was 128 GB until Adtron announced a new 160 GB disk, a capacity that can move flash HDD into the realm of high performance, if the price is right.

Adtron 160

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Congradulations to Adtron for the new 2.5″ SSD. However, I remember using SSD cards on Mac II fx that plugged into the nubus slots. In the 1970s and 80s, Cray was using Solid State Storage of their 64bit cell based systems that didn’t use the slow drive interfaces. Does anyone know of solid state storage that plugs directly into a PCI-X or EX slot without the bottleneck of disk drive interfaces? Rotating disk drives are very old but it seems as if makers are comfortably numb using them even though companies such as ATTO Technologies gave solid state storage for the PC/Workstation it a try a while back. What ever happened to the RAM Disk concepts and use of the CPUs MMU?

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