The United States of Muni Broadband


There is a lot of talk about cities looking to offer MuniFi networks to residents in partnership with private companies, non profits or on their own. Not that much is heard from the state level. But according to this local report (via Broadbandreports) South Carolina is taking a look at free wireless broadband for everyone in that state.

So far South Carolina’s broadband plan is just a measure that was recently approved in the state House that will create a ‘South Carolina Wireless Technology and Communications Commission.’ We’ll see if it ever goes farther than that.

The city of Houston’s 600 square miles sounds big enough — so I’m not sure how they would manage to unwire South Carolina’s 31,000 square miles.

Other states have various broadband plans too, though most of them are not looking to offer free wireless to the entire state. An Illinois state representative recently introduced a House Bill outlining conditions for state universal access with a push for state-owned or state-controlled infrastructure. Hey, whatever will boost wireless broadband access in the U.S. faster works for me.


Mark Tomin

This is great news, however, I wonder how ISP react to this. Not many would be willing to pay for cable if there is free wi-fi avaiable.

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