Revver on FiOS — Who Wants it?

From the head-scratching, why-is-this-news dept. comes a press release today of a deal between Revver and Verizon, under which Revver’s user-generated content will be available on Verizon’s fiber-based FiOS TV service “later this year.”

Run this by me again — I am paying a boatload of dough to get fiber to the home, and I’m going to use it to watch… user-generated Internet content? From a site that recently went through executive shakeups and may not even be around independently long enough to consummate this deal?

Not to slight the wonderful creative folks who are posting content to Revver, or the hard-working entrepreneurial types at the company itself, but it’s hard to imagine making a decision whether or not to buy FiOS service on whether or not you can get Ask A Ninja on the big screen.

At the very least, it’s a great deal for Revver, which gets to burnish itself with the luster of Verizon as a partner, and maybe score some extra revenue on the side. For Verizon, the benefit is… what?

“We’re joining with Revver to bring the user-generated video phenomenon to the TV set,” said Marilyn O’Connell, Verizon senior vice president of video solutions, in the press release announcing this dubious deal. “Backed by Verizon’s technology, we’ll make it easy for our FiOS TV and broadband customers to enjoy the best of the cutting-edge videos that Revver is known for. This is just another way that FiOS continues to distinguish itself from old-fashioned TV.”

Um… by offering low-res, home-cooked UGC? That I can get for free on my PC right now? Without the need for FiOS speed? I will agree that is different from old-fashioned TV, but maybe not in a way that is so flattering.


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