Read your voicemail with SimulScribe

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Last month at the CES, James and I stopped by the SimulScribe booth, but I realized I never wrote up my impressions! I got the reminder today when CNET wrote up the service that transcribes your voicemails for reading via e-mail or SMS. SimulScribe costs you $9.95 a month for up to 40 messages ($.25 each additional) and the storage capacity is unlimited.

We got a demo of the service and it definitely works as advertised. A caller leaves a message on your cell and within a few minutes, a text transcription is available for reading. An audio recording is also included in the e-mail notification, so if something doesn’t sound look quite right from the audio transcription, you can hear the original message. SimulScribe offers a one week free trial so you can kick the tires to see if it works for you. Although the service is targeted at cell phone voicemail, the company offers custom solutions for different voicemail systems.

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I saw that video on cnet also. I searched around and ended up starting a one year free trial with a company called spinvox…Essentially the same thing, but a lot more voice to text applications offered. They allow you to speak a note, blog, email and more. The service works very well with conversions being accurate and fast.

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