Opera Mini 3 gets bumped to 3.1

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Opera_min_31_on_dashIt only took three short months: Opera Mini 3 gets a point upgrade. The latest version is now 3.1 and is freely available. I was just commenting on a recent podcast that the Microsoft browsing experience was actually quite good on the T-Mobile Dash, but, the Opera Mini 3.1 features put it leaps and bounds ahead:

  • RSS feedreading
  • Photosharing
  • Faster browsing
  • No smartphone needed, just a Java-compatible phone

Not sure if your phone or handheld is supported? Just check the list of supported devices here. BetaNews indicates that the Dash is now supported and while I was able to install it, the app doesn’t appear to recognize the softkeys….more to follow as I determine the issue or lack of compatibility.

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The softkeys on the Dash seem to screw Opera up.

There IS a work around I figured out though.

Right softkeys should work fine with no work on your part. For the left soft key, hit # then the left soft key.

It’s stupid that it’s a two key process to just get the left soft key to be recognized, but it works!

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