NY Times Adds Newlywed Videos


While the New York Times wedding announcement section generally makes me nauseous, I know it’s a guilty pleasure of my mother’s. Especially since I’ve done nothing but let her down in the power-couple matrimony market on so many levels. That said, social strivers from Downtown to the Upper West Side can now send the Times videos along with their announcements to be considered for the online ‘Weddings and Celebrations‘ site.

The Times has already moved into producing their own spots for Sunday Styles’ “Vows” section, and recently expanded from weddings to funerals. Beet.tv’s Andy Plesser sat down with the Time’s multimedia maven, Nicolas Ascheim, and discussed the Times’ video work and user-generated content plans on camera. Plenty of other print publishers are moving into online video. What I’m curious is, what beat is next? Please, please, please don’t tell me it’s gonna be Circuits.

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