Nintendo Wii Reaches 5 Million Mark


You know, when I first heard about the Wii, I wasn’t all that excited. Though I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the NES, I wasn’t planning on getting one right away, but that’s when it happened. Nintendo has some sort of dark, marketing magic that just makes me, and apparently millions of others, want to buy their products. So, I planned on getting one on day one, but I wasn’t going to camp. That was a mistake. I totally didn’t see any of this coming.

According to Videogame Charts, the Nintendo Wii, as of the January NPD numbers, has now topped 5 million units sold. That’s a whole lot of broken TVs. In fact, that’s over half of the XBox 360’s 9.28 million, and it had a year head start. We don’t really need to get into how many PS3s have sold, needless to say it isn’t many. Ok, I’ll say it, 1.88 million. The real question is one of longevity.

The Wii has flown off of store shelves and definitely surprised a number of people, but How long can the Wii keep going like this? At a price point of $250, it could go on for a while but I think we’re nearing critical mass. No sure way to tell quite yet, but if Nintendo can manage to stock the stores, maybe the frenzy will finally end.

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