Microsoft announces more Digital Readers, but why?

Seattle_post_intelligencerMicrosoft just announced more reader applications similar to the Times Reader: using the same technology, you can now read the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, Forbes, and the Daily Mail tabloid from the UK. From the main press release, you can find links to download each reader application, although you will also need to register with the publication.

My own experience with the Times Reader is very positive, but I’m slightly confused here. I understand that the Times Reader was the first application of this type and I figured (incorrectly) that the same reader application would eventually be expanded. Based on my interpretation of the product press release, each publication that uses this technology will have its own unique application. Why would I want different reader apps for different publications? Again, I might be confused here.

The good news for publishers is that Microsoft will be releasing a publisher starter kit to develop an app for your content. Even better yet, Microsoft mentions that the content delivery mechanism is based on RSS 2.0; maybe we’ll have a jkOnTheRun Reader?


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