It’ll Be Called iPhone Afterall


In case you hadn’t already heard.

Honestly, I’m disappointed. I know, it’s just a name…We seem to have collectively gotten used to the term ‘MacBook’, so maybe the same will be true of iPhone. There was just so much conjecture over the past 18 months about the iPhone, it would have been nice if the thing had been named a little more creatively. But I supposed it’s all about brand recognition – not that Cisco’s gonna get any at this point. But that’s a different matter I suppose.



Welp that whole “let’s call ourselves Apple ’cause we love them Beatles” worked out pretty well. Something tells me that at some point Cisco will give up on this whole iPhone thing. And the possibility of interoperability between the two companies sounds like a buncha hooey. (Not that I wouldn’t mind one thing: actual Mac support from Linksys and not having to degrade router firmware a few versions to get the damn thing to work right.)


I’m not crazy about the iPhone name; perhaps MacPod would’ve been better.


iPhone uPhone wiiPhone…. oh yeah! iPhone. Of course. Perfectly clear my friends.

J Phill

Yeah I always thought the iPhone was a place holder type name. It almost sounds a little too cliche for them. I can understand the brand recognition a little, but seriously, would calling it something more creative really take away from their brand?

Grant (divigation)

With you on the disappointment! It was extremely far-fetched to expect Apple to not call it the iPhone, but I was hoping that perhaps they would push the right buttons with Cisco to get them to just say f-it and drop negotiations and leave Apple with no chance at using the name… So much for that long-shot coming through, Apple barrels on through yet again, this time not to my satisfaction.

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