Google Gunning for Xbox Live?


Recently, Google put the moves on in-game advertising company Adscape which confused some of us at first. Adscape doesn’t have much in the way in the clients, but apparently that’s not what Google was looking at. Supposedly, among the things that Google acquired with their purchase, they picked up a rather interesting patent. In fact, this patent could put Google in a very interesting position concerning XBox Live.

Daniel Willis, CTO of Adscape, filed a patent for a “system and method for interactive on-line gaming,” which sounds suspiciously like XBox Live, don’t you think? Allonn Levy, an intellectual property attorney with Hopkins & Carley, had this to say to Red Herring about the patent:

“You get a patent that could cause Microsoft some trouble. It certainly does sound like Google is looking at getting into an area where we know Microsoft is in and interested in. Whether or not the patent works, you’d have to look at the patent closely. It certainly suggests that there is a fight coming.”

What could this mean for XBox Live? Most likely, nothing. Though there’s a patent in place that could cause problems for Microsoft, that doesn’t mean that it will. In an article by Ryan Olson on Red Herring, Adrian O’Donnell, a patent agent with Freedman and Associates, wouldn’t comment on its overall viability, he did say that “You would expect a client in this position to be leveraging this patent portfolio.” However, O’Donnell carried on to say that “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a head-on collision.” Either way, it looks like Microsoft had better get out the wallet.

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